Roll for Salsa

r4s runs into Marcus and Suzette again at Fiveleague House. They now feel they can brief Marcus on recent goings on regarding Gardmore and the crown.

Since it seems Hammerfast is still blocked off, the lot of them decide to visit Fastormel again, with the hope of shedding some light on The Curious Malady.

r4s, plus Marcus and Suzette, make their way back to the ruins of Fastormel, in hopes of finding clues regarding the curious malady afflicting the halflings. No tower is seen this time. After some walking around, a specific house catches attention. a trap door is found, leading down into a basement with a back room. In the room’s center, a plinth stands holding atop it a glowing source of unidentifiable power, which Marcus and Suzette cannot see, but all members of r4s can. Riza and Kyrrox are first to attempt touching the glowing non-object, and they promptly disappear. Marcus and Suzette seem to forget Kyrrox was ever there. Gord and Loki are next to touch and vanish. Mialee and Zedra, along with Patyen, are hesitent, but eventually follow in order to retrieve their comrades.

The group awakens in a conspicuously un-ruined Fastormel, and come to find out they are the subjects of an experiment of sorts. 450 years ago, Fasormellians had developed psionic abilities in a portion of their population, and knew of their impending doom. The source of the psionic abilities, a Mind Prism, resides under the tower R4S recognize. A device had been built within the tower to kill the entire population and deactivate the prism just before the town fell to the evil onslaught, in order to keep the psionic power out of the wrong hands. The Fastormellians were also able to engineer a mechanism for pulling back the consciousness of future visitors to the city just before its destruction. Their purpose was to share and document their history and culture, before it was totally obliterated by the war. Zedra accepts books on the history of Fastormel, as well as a book on the mind prism specifically. Kyrrox and Loki accept layers upon layers of Fastormel memorobilia.

The head of the psionic time-travelling experiment, Tibalt, is able to explain the curious malady afflicting Patyen and Suzette. It was a flash of psionic power, but seems to have been received incorrectly: The afflicted are able to see the future, but unfortunately are incapable of talking about their visions until they come to pass, or are prevented. There is no cure.

Just before the destruction of the town was to happen, the mechanism within the tower is disabled, sabotaged – a spy is spotted giving signals from a rooftop. R4S catch and kill the messenger, but the damage is done. Waves of goblins are headed to Fastormel, accompanied by dracolich Ro’Thax himself. It is up to r4s to keep the invasion force at bay while the tower’s mechanism is repaired and activated, so events unfold correctly and Fastormel succumbs to its forseen demise. Zedra assists with the repairs initially, while kyrrox’s Green Thumbs and gord’s cloud of blackness bottleneck the incoming horde.

Towards the end of the fight, Mialee rescues Shala, the young child of Tibalt. (It is unknown if the child possesses the psionic abilities.) She hides Shala in the underground chamber with the mind prism, believed to be the only safe place in the town. Mialee also places a small statue of Bahamut with the child, in hopes that the Platinum Dragon of Justice will help protect him somehow.

Kyrrox, nearly at death, makes a brazen attack on Ro’Thax, then falls upon the dragon’s claw, ending her temporary existence on this timeline. The mechanism activates and a burst of light and energy radiates from the tower, every living thing in Fastormel drops to the ground. The rest of R4S phase out and phase back into their own time, uninjured. Kyrrox and Loki rejoice as they realize their piles of touristy treasure have returned with them.

Zedra and Mialee rush to where the tower once stood, and activate the hidden switch to access the underground chamber. Zedra is concerned at the absence of the mind prism. Mialee notices the complete lack of any sign of Shala.

The group makes camp for the night in the Ruins. Zedra begins encrypting the mind prism book with a Secret Page ritual.



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