Roll for Salsa

Now Entering Scenic Urendi!

Home to Blizzards and Lizards

King’s Contrivance travel through southern Tondriel to the vast unexplored country of Urendi in search of the Mad Wizard Ingvar Heresay’s laboratory. As if welcoming the party to the barren wasteland, a blizzard begins to threaten the sky’s harsh blue. KC decide to press onward into the storm, making their way to a rocky outcropping in the distance rather than turn back and wait out the weather in the woods they’d past.

Several hours of trudging through biting winds and pummeling snow leave KC wondering about their decision to seek refuge at the rock formation. Zedra and Ralts begin to show signs of hypothermia. Once at the rock face, it is not long before the party locates a cave and eagerly huddle inside, positioning their carriages at the entrance to block the howling wind. The horses cower between the carriages and the cave entrance. A modest fire is built and Zedra places an Arcane Gate to vent the smoke out of the cave. KC gladly rest while the storm rages outside their rocky shelter.

In the early light, the party awakens to the nervous shuffling of the horses. Kyrrox peeks between Carriages and spots some curious large bipedal reptiles have taken interest in their camp. The party scrambles to snuff out the fire and Zed closes the Arcane Gates. under their breath, the group discusses how to get the creatures to leave. It is decided Zed will use prestigitation to give the illusion one the of the dinosaurs smells (and tastes) like food to the others. The ruse works and two of the creatures attack the third and kill it. Once they’d eaten their fill and without the smoke vent piquing their interest, the two dinosaurs wander off. Kyrrox keeps the dinosaur’s skull.

The party takes the opportunity afforded them to fortify their position with snow walls around their carriages before resting another day in wait for the storm to pass.

The blizzard gives way to a brilliant clear blue sky. KC pack up and depart, eager to be on the move again. As they make their way south, a pack of semi-aquatic lizard creatures alerts them to the possibility of an iced over body of water nearby. Even with Mialee’s keen sense of nature, the party manages to find an iced over river by accidentally walking out into the middle of it. Mialee and her nimble riding horse are able to reach the shore with no problem. Kyrrox atop Griffy are of course able to negotiate the terrain. Zedra attempts to gently lead one of the draft horses across, but the ice continues to crack beneath them. Meanwhile, with Griffy’s winged might, Kyrrox is able to save her personal carriage. One draft horse is lost to the icy depths, but by feeding the other a potion of levitation, Mialee is able to coax the frightened beast to across. Zedra secures rope to the group carriage as it begins to sink between the broken ice sheets and the group and their beasts are able to haul the carriage to shore.

The loss of one horse means the magic bridled horse must help pull a carriage. The party keeps moving in order to stave off cold as much as to make up for the lost time. Late in the evening, KC come across an enormous carcass in the middle of the plains. As the sun’s scant warmth quickly fades, the party decide to camp inside the frozen body for protection. Inside, Zed is startled to find the symbol of Ingvar Heresay inside the body, and deduces the beast was reanimated at some point. Kyrrox, as a servant of the Raven Queen, opposes necromancy in all forms and sleeps in her carriage. Sleep does not come easy or peacefully to Kyrrox that night.



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