Roll for Salsa

Undead, crestfallin'

Don't say that, the Z-word!

Fallcrest is overrun by undead coming out of the west. R4S fights off a wave in the merchant district, Kyrrox uses the Herman summoning bell while Hamish’s Magic House Shop is taking flight, causing it to crash. Zedra’s brother Dakyr shows up in time to take out the last undead mage of the first wave. After the exchange of brotherly banter, Dak directs r4s to head to the bridge to fight the next wave with their priestess leader, while he and some others, including dwarf paladin Grand Peacebringer, take care of stragglers in town. A long elevator ride to uptown gives very little challenge to the party, even with unexpected “guests” dropping in.

At the bridge to the city, R4S finds a Priestess of Vecna wearing the Obsidian Crown of Ro’thax, and commanding the hordes of undead. The battle is difficult and full of rather annoying necrotic clouds, which Loki takes some time to lounge in, but r4s triumphs. The crown itself is successfully deactivated by Zedra’s skill in arcana, Kyrrox’s Sextimidation™, Gord’s bluffing, and Mialee’s understanding of nature. The group then summons Herman again, this time to hand over the obsidian crown they’d promised to find. (insert bad poker face here)

R4S assists Hamish and Herman in repairing the flying shop. Once it is air-worthy, Huge brings in Griffy, and the lot of them travel to Fiveleague House.

Fallcrest’s massive infrastructure repair effort is graciously paid for, nearly in full, by Selos



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