A. H. Munroe

Businessman and Savior of Gloomwrought


male human


A. H. Munroe owns a chain of high-end department stores in the city of Gloomwrought, in The Shadowfell. He specializes in imported items from the Prime. Munroe is also credited as the man who organized and financed the construction of an electrified fence, and its power generator, which protects the city from the near-constant onslaught of undead. Curiously enough, the undead attacks did not become a problem until after Munroe took up residence in the city.

R4S caught a closer glimse of Munroe’s operation after Zedra successfully bluffed a security guard to believing he was the “Arcana Inspector.” It would seem Munroe is very interested in locating any magic items mixed in with his imports and destroying them, extracting the resulting residuum. R4S did not learn any further information on Munroe’s reasons for this.

R4S was very interested in his business contacts and shipping methods between the planes. Kyrrox, using a fabricated name (Pyrrex), managed to set up a business meeting with Munroe. It was later revealed that Mr. Munroe recognized Kyrrox and is familiar with her family – specifically her father’s reputation. Herman seemed surprised that R4S met A.H. Munroe. Clearly Herman is at least marginally familiar with the businessman, though it is unknown whether they are friends or rivals.

A. H. Munroe

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