Dakyr Ivnaoth

Eladrin Heir, Returned


Elder brother of Zedra Ivnaoth. Left his home city of Astrazalian 35 years ago, at age 96, to seek opportunities of the prime. He was disowned by his father for leaving. Dak is a skilled rogue but not much of a magic-user, unlike most eladrin.

Full Title: His Lordship Dakyr, son of Zirin. Heir of the noble House Ivnaoth of Astrazalian, Holder Presumptive of the Starforged Chalice of Light, Loyal subject of Tiandra the Summer Queen’s Court.
[For a time, this title did not apply and Dakyr’s name was changed on record to Dakyr Ivna’Astral, since he’d been disowned. Upon returning to Astrazalian after the defeat of Orcus, Dak was reinstated as heir, pending his acceptance of all duties the title demands.]

He had been affiliated with The Hidden Hand for about 15 months, according to Marcus Yvander.


Dakyr is less arrogant and aloof than most other eladrin. He actually takes pride in how “un-eladrin” he is. Contrary to his family line, he is not a wizard – but has developed a strong interest in battle tactics after observing Ralts in action. He is currently enrolled in Astrazalian’s Military Academy for leadership training.

Dakyr is fiercely loyal to his brother but few others. He is charming and easy to get along with, but does not bother to cultivate strong friendships as he always had an eye and ear out for his next adventure. Dak does try to stay on good terms with those he likes and finds useful. It takes a lot to truly get on his bad side, but may the gods have mercy on those who do. Dakyr Ivnaoth holds grudges.

Booze, gambling, and women have been Dak’s three favorite leisure pursuits. A full flask and a deck of cards are in his adventurer’s kit at all times. He tended to favor human and half-elf girls above others, but was not known to turn away a pretty young thing, no matter what race. Since returning to Astrazalian and taking his place as heir of House Ivnaoth, Dak has begun courting a noble-born eladrin girl much to the surprise and relief of his family.

Dakyr and Zedra, reunited in Fallcrest during the undead siege.

Dakyr Ivnaoth

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