Dwarfie Hammersmash


male dwarf, looks identical to both Stonebender Jr. and Sir Godsblade.


Found and rescued by R4S in a dungeon prison cell near Winterhaven, Dwarfie suffers from amnesia regarding all events prior to nearly a year ago now, and a rare condition that requires the near-constant consumption of alcohol in order to maintain general cognizance. He also has a poor sense of personal boundaries and has been known to remove his pants during battle, not to mention his propensity for urinating in ritual components or on enemies.

Dwarfie was affiliated with The Children of Selos before temporarily joining R4S.

Dwarfie was made aware that he looks identical to Stonebender Jr, when he was mistakenly arrested in Fallcrest for the murder of Stonebender Sr. With the help of R4S and a charismatic attorney named Tucson Reed, his innocence was proven.

Later, several sightings of a “spectral” Dwarfie caused much confusion to Patyen until it was uncovered that the ghost of Sir Godsblade was actually making the appearances.

Dwarfie Hammersmash

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