Krystryd Firebeard


Female Dwarf Cleric. Krystryd is completely bald, no definitive evidence yet as to whether this is an aesthetic choice or result of some unfortunate condition.


Member of The Hidden Hand and tasked with accompanying Roll For Salsa to Gardmore Abbey.

After R4S and Valthrun the Sage found the obsidian crown of Ro’Thax in the deep caverns below Gardmore, Krystryd volunteered to stay at the Abbey and, with some of the most trusted monks, secure the area and attend to Valthrun’s pain in wearing the crown. R4S left and returned to Fallcrest.

Some time later, Rhyder confessed that Marcus believed Krystryd dead and was under the impression at least one member of Roll for Salsa was to blame. It was later revealed that both Krystryd and Valthrun survived the attacks at Gardmore, and the Hidden Hand is now fairly sure Roll for Salsa had nothing to do with the tragedy.

Following the defeat of Orcus and no longer bound to the Hidden Hand, Krystryd returned to her home city of Hammerfast.

Krystryd Firebeard

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