Marcus Yvander

Mr. Hidden Himself


male half-elf

“surly half-breed” -Zedra


Marcus is a half-elf involved in the organization known as The Hidden Hand. Acquaintances within the group are Barry Barrison, Dakyr Ivnaoth, Suzette Elara, Krystryd Firebeard, Rhyder Woodsinger, and the now deceased Marian Elara and Loki. Little is known about the group and its goals, other than that they want to unite the lands of the Nentir Vale and the rest of the continent. Marcus comes across as very tight-lipped and standoffish, no doubt very serious about his work and protective of his allies.

Marcus has claimed that he and Suzette are romantically involved, but this may have been a ruse to keep Loki from creeping on Suzette.

*After the undead attack on Fallcrest, Marcus had not been able to contact Krystryd by any means, and believed Roll for Salsa, or a member thereof, was responsible for her death. It was later revealed that Krystryd and Valthrun the sage were alive, but only just survived the slaughter at Gardmore Abbey. Most of the monks there were killed. Marcus confronted r4s about this, and was for the most part convinced that r4s had nothing to do with it.

Marcus’ perception is fabled to be over 9000.

Marcus met his death in The Keep over the Shadow Rift near Winterhaven. He planned to destroy the Shadow Portal with a Portal Cube, thinking it was an explosive. R4S interrupted him and after some combat threw the activated cube into the open portal. A note found at the site implies Marcus was taking orders from a higher authority. R4S later found out that Seylene Kalton was masterminding much, if not all, the Hidden Hand’s dealings.

Marcus Yvander

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