female Shadar-Kai


R4S first encountered R’Khell when they accidentally stumbled into an incorrectly cast portal to The Shadowfell. The Shadar-Kai encampment mistook R4S as a scouting team, preceeding an invasion force from the Prime, Fallcrest specifically. A few notes found in the camp mentioned the erroneous information.

R’Khell had Griffy with her, and rode him during the fight with R4S. Griffy was previously believed to be dead. He appeared sickly and had aged noticably.

R4S, not at all interested in fighting or getting stuck in the Shadowfell, managed to retreat through another portal at the Shadar-Kai camp with Griffy, and Zedra closed it behind them.

Several months later, R4S found themselves in the Shadowfell again, in the city of Gloomwrought. Just after a mandatory work day, Mialee, Gord, and Patyen, along with HH members Krystryd and Barry, were confronted by R’Khell. She was not at all happy about the events that had transpired before, and attempted to kill them. She and her men were unsuccessful, and all met their deaths that eve.


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