Selos Kalton


male human, white hair.


Brother of Seylene Kalton.

Leader of the popular religious movement, The Children of Selos, based in Fallcrest, with guard units stationed across the Nentir Vale. The intentions of the group seem to be the uniting of all townships and peoples in love and brotherhood. Political figures in the area do not trust Selos and his widespread following.

New base of operations intended to be Kalton Manor. The Manor House was recently cleared of a bandit infestation by Roll For Salsa, in exchange for a Shroud needed in the ritual to heal Griffy.

Roll For Salsa later learned more of Selos’ intentions and alignment. Revealed in a note found on a death priest of Vecna: The Children of Selos are in league with the Vecnans secretly working to drug the people of the Nentir Vale, no doubt to remove resistance so the cult may call forth evil hordes. Selos is in search of the Mind Prism from the ancient Psions of Fastormel, and believes R4S to have it in their possession. He poisoned Mialee, Gord, Kyrrox, Loki, and Patyen while they were jailed in Harkenwold, and gave them 14 days to turn the prism over to him. Selos claims the poison will kill them at the end of that time frame. He holds the extremely rare antidote. (Selos believes Zedra, who managed to evade arrest, is in possession of the mind prism.)

In the Fallcrest stand against Orcus, Selos and an unidentified companion attacked Zedra allowing Selos to take possession of the Mind Prism. He then attempted to use it against the Demon Prince, revealing himself as the descendant of Shala van Tibalt, last psion of Fastormel. Selos was felled by Ro’Thax before completing his attack.

Selos Kalton

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