Seylene Kalton


female human


Sister of Selos Kalton.

Seylene’s involvement in The Children of Selos may be little more than the result of nepotism. Her role in the organization under Selos is unclear.

Selos had hired R4S to clear out the Kalton Manor House and sent “Seylene” with them to lead the way and give information on the layout of the grounds. As it turned out, the person was in fact a doppelganger and murdered Justice Beyard (hostage of the bandits) while mimicking Seylene. Upon returning to Fallcrest, R4S confronted Seylene. She knew nothing of the events, and claimed to have been with her brother all day.

Ms. Kalton and R4S had an agreement, of sorts, to keep one another informed of any doppelganger related news. Seylene also says she will keep an eye on her brother, for any hint of shady doings. Most recently, she found r4s at Fiveleague House and told them she fears that her brother is working on some very unseemly plans. She’d found various books and writings in his study at Kalton Manor, much of which written in a language she could not even recognize. She did not disturb anything, afraid to arouse suspicion, but asked Roll for Salsa if they might look into it.

Much came to light after Orcus was defeated in the Last Stand of Fallcrest. Seylene and Selos are descendants of Shala van Tibalt, last Psion of Fastormel, and both inherited some psionic ability. Seylene outed herself as " Your Sincerely Devoted Friend ," pulling the strings of R4S and many others in order to set in motion events leading to the defeat of Orcus. Her ultimate motivation was to show that mortal men can dispatch higher beings and wants to “free men from the control of Gods.” She also employed the Doppelganger, who she ended up killing. R4S did not subscribe to her brand of crazy, and opted to leave the Nentir Vale instead of joining her or becoming her enemies. It is assumed Seylene has taken over leadership of The Children of Selos after her brother’s death.

Seylene Kalton

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