Suzette Elara


Female halfling


Involved with The Hidden Hand. Sister of Marian, Hidden Hand Cleric (deceased).

After visiting The Ruins of Fastormel, Suzette was stricken with a curious malady, causing her to speak gibberish. Roll For Salsa investigated the ruins, and came away with their own gibbering halfling. Patyen Benko seemed to have been afflicted with a similar condition. The two can only marginally communicate and do not seem to have experienced the same event at Fastormel.

According to Marcus, he and Suzette were romantically involved. Loki liked to creep on Suzette hardcore.

After Orcus and the Mind Prism were destroyed in the Last Stand of Fallcrest, Suzette was effectively cured of the malady. With Marcus and her sister dead and the Hidden Hand disbanded, she returned to her home town of Nenlast.

Suzette Elara

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