female succubus. exact physical appearance varies


A wiley succubus found around Hammerfast. She posed as “sister Hornthrower” and became a close personal friend of Grand Peacebringer within his new mega-church. She has taken the persona of a hooker on multiple occasions, and a “barslut” in town. She lured Loki while in the entrance district, went to bed with Zedra soon after his arrival to the city, and previously seduced Lord Alefist, tricking him out of his palace. She also had some ties to Thark, but specifics are unknown. She attended Thark’s Calastryx ceremony posing as a female orc. R4S tried to kill her once, but it didn’t take.

Tatiana is responsible for killing Peacebringer. She is involved with a larger operation, though it is unclear who she works for or to what ends.


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