the Doppelganger

Double Walker of the Vale




Due to the nature of Doppelgangers as a race, and the alignment of this one in particular, very little information is available. The Doppelganger has been in the Nentir Vale for at least the past 6-8 months, and seems to be working for Selos Kalton.

Confirmed identites the Doppelganger has assumed:
Seylene Kalton
Dwarfie Hammersmash
Zedra Ivnaoth
Rhyder Woodsinger
Marcus Yvander
Mialee Woodsinger

In the aftermath of Fallcrest’s last stand against Orcus, information came to light that the Doppelganger was in fact working for Seylene Kalton. She referred to the doppelganger as “Diana” and was able to take enough control over the doppelganger’s mind. The mimicked form of Dwarfie was released and sagged into the appearance of an old woman. Seylene killed the creature when it tried to turn on her.

the Doppelganger

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