Valthrun the Sage

Exceedingly Old Sage of Winterhaven


exceedingly old male human.


Valthrun is the venerable sage from Winterhaven. He first met R4S there in the beginning of their adventures. Very wise indeed, he was helpful in Roll for Salsa’s early quests to stop the cult of Orcus from reopening the rift near Winterhaven.

Later, R4S ran into Valthrun again as they ventured to Gardmore Abbey in search of the Obsidian Crown of Ro’thax. He’d accompanied them into the secret cavern below the main building, and was instrumental in their defeating the evil creatures emerging from a long hidden rift – by putting the crown on. The extreme pain inflicted by wearing the crown was attended to by the monks of the Abbey. Since R4S could do nothing for his suffering, they left Valthrun in the care of the monks and Kyrstryd and set out to find out who had desired the crown in the first place.

Valthrun and Krystryd were missing and presumed dead for quite some time. It was later revealed that they had barely survived a horrid attack on the Abbey. Marcus Yvander believed r4s was responsible for the attack, but after a tense confrontation, is mostly convinced of their innocence.

Valthrun the Sage

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