Zedra Ivnaoth

Eladrin War Wizard of the Blood Mage's Order


Given name: Zedra
Nickname: “the Humorless”
House: Ivnaoth
Father: Sir Zirin of Ivnaoth
Mother: Lady Emyrra Rheianlas Ivnaoth
Birthplace: Astrazalian
Eyes: green (pupil-less)
Hair: white with gold sheen
Skin: fair
Distinguishing features: wears reading glasses. large scars diagonally across back, runic blood magic scars along arms. wears a stick-pin topped with the Blood Mage’s Order insignia.
Deity: Corellon Larethian (culturally more than in practice)
Alignment: unaligned (tends towards CG)
Seasonal Court: Summer

Full Title: His Lordship Zedra, son of Zirin of the noble House Ivnaoth of Astrazalian, Loyal subject of Tiandra the Summer Queen’s Court.
[For a time, Zedra was the Heir of House Ivnaoth after his elder brother Dakyr Ivnaoth was disowned. This no longer applies now that Dak has been reinstated.]

Zedra currently holds the position of “Field Researcher” with his alma mater, the Arcane Arts Academy. He is also viewed as something of an unofficial ambassador of Astrazalian to the rest of the world.


Background and Family:

Zedra is the second born and youngest of the noble House Ivnaoth, one of the founding houses of The City of Starlight. His father Zirin is a highly decorated Captain of the Sword Guard and a leading authority on Arcane magic. Zirin tends to be serious, strict, and elitist. Emyrra, Zed’s mother, is a High Priestess of Corellon. She is known for her compassion and unwavering serenity.

Dakyr, Zedra’s older brother, spent the last 35 years in the Prime and was disowned for leaving. Zedra was heir of the House during this period. For the last portion of his time away, Dak worked for a faction known as The Hidden Hand. Following the defeat of Orcus at The Last Stand of Fallcrest, both Dakyr and Zedra returned to Astrazalian where Dak was reinstated as heir.

Zedra grew up a mirror image of his father and was top of his class at the Arcane Arts Academy. Upon graduation, he desired to be known apart from his family name and left the city to travel in the Prime. The Sword Guard had been courting Zedra for quite a while but Zed had no interest in military life, nor was he enticed by the monetary incentives they offered. After his departure, the eladrin military in Astrazalian declared him a deserter and suspected him of treason. Dakyr was also wanted for suspected treason, among other less egregious crimes.

It was not long before Zed made his way to the Nentir Vale and happened to meet a diverse handful of fellow travellers. Together they would come to be known as Roll For Salsa.


Zedra the Humorless is known for his cold logical manner. He is very intelligent, but inept in social skills. Zed can be pretty dense, most humor and sexual innuendo goes right over his head. Others view Zedra as somewhat boring company, as he tends to prefer reading to engaging in what most would consider “fun.” Highly social individuals tend to find him downright unpleasant.

Zedra has never known love or even lust. He is actually rather annoyed his father broke Ivnaoth tradition and did not arrange Zedra’s marriage. The task of having to find, court, and then marry an appropriate woman on his own is quite daunting to Zedra, but something he understands as necessary. Not long after he joined with R4S, Loki pointed out that though Zedra is learned man of scientific mind, he completely lacks knowledge in the broad and basic subject of sexuality. Zedra had not considered sex as subject to be studied, and now finds himself aghast at his own lack of information. Zed is now determined to create a systematic approach to collecting sufficient data, then arriving at an informed conclusion on the matter. His hypothesis still stands that he is asexual. However, he concedes that experimentation and analysis is the only way to be sure. He has decided that his data collection goal will be to engage in at least two sex acts with 5 females and 5 males of each of the civilized races. Extensive research notes to be taken, for later study.

After the time spent in the Prime and beyond, Zedra is still himself at his core but many aspects of his outlook have shifted dramatically. He is not the racist, elitist noble-born eladrin prodigy he was when he left Astrazalian a year previous. His father’s views are no longer his views. Zed has been cut down to size and his self-esteem has taken a beating. The cruel reality of the world is known.

He still feels solely responsible for the singularity that allowed Orcus’ soul and body to combine. Watching the animate Keep walk towards his home city, while having to face the reality of putting his first real friend in the ground: that day broke Zedra of Ivnaoth. The previously unchallenged ego of a young wizard, destroyed.

He almost walked away from R4S during the preparation to make a stand against Orcus, so strong was his doubt of his own abilities. After the day was won and he felt what it was to wield such power with the help of his allies, the fullness of his ego returned. His trip back to Astrazalian further bolstered his arrogance.

Zedra left the City of Starlight for the second time free of the bonds to which he had held himself. He is no longer heir of his House, and leaves this time with the blessing and confidence of his family and his society. He can only look back and smile on the naive young dreams of his former self: becoming curator of Astrazailan’s Library, taking his father’s place as head of the House. Such simple and small aspirations in a huge and complicated world he has only recently started to understand. Zedra of Ivnaoth, Blood Mage and War Wizard, now imagines himself on a larger scale.

While in Astrazalian for the month R4S parted, Zedra also got married. It is an afterthought to him in retelling his trip home, since it does not affect anyone besides himself. He therefore assumes it is not a point of interest.

Within days of Dak and Zed’s return, their mother Emyrra pounced on her sons with reminders that they are grown men of noble birth and they are both expected to take brides soon. Dak began courting a noble-born eladrin girl within weeks, much to his family’s surprise and relief. For Zedra, Emyrra suggested a girl he was already acquainted with: Cerinna Snowhawk. A cleric at The Temple of Stars, a former apprentice to Emyrra, and formerly employed as an attendant to the House Ivanoth during her’s and Zedra’s late adolescence (ages 70-100 ish). Unbeknownst to Zed, Cerinna had developed romantic interest in him before he’d left Astrazalian the first time.

After a moment of thought, he agreed. Zedra and Cerinna were married a week before he left Astrazailan to rejoin R4S. Zed was always annoyed his father broke tradition and did not arrange his marriage when he was a child. He is relieved to have this expectation of his life settled. (though laments that he was not able to complete his research on sexuality.)

Cerinna longs for more time with Zedra, but recognizes the best place for him is out in the world for now. She trusts his fidelity completely and is glad for the opportunity he has to better himself and his skills.

Notable Quirks, Interests, and Goals:

• Due to his fair eladrin features, slim build and soft voice, many people don’t realize Zedra is a man until he lands a particularly damaging attack or implements a complex arcane skill. In these kinds of situations, he has been known to make a few celebratory hip thrusts – much to the confusion of onlookers. Even his own companions in Roll for Salsa did not know Zedra’s gender for the first couple weeks of adventuring together.

• His research project, “A study of sexual practices and the social and biological effects thereof,” has been put on indefinite hold.

• Zedra is now driven by the possibility of uncovering lost and forgotten tomes, rare banned rituals, and long buried magic artifacts. Zed is admittedly influenced by greed but does not desire material wealth, only knowledge and the resulting power he can attain.

• At some point after R4S arrived in Tondriel, Zedra began taking residuum by nasal insufflation. As a blood mage, he already uses his own blood to grant further power to his spells and he hopes the residuum will further enrich his body’s arcane resources. At the very least, he enjoys the fey-magic high. Zed may be addicted, but only time will tell.

• Zedra actually holds the long-term goal of attaining such skill and power, he becomes an Archfey. Demigod would also suffice.

Zedra Ivnaoth

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