Portal Cube

Activates Interplanar Noclip Mode


A transparent cube which seems to encase swirling grey smoke. 4" along each edge. When activated, the cube’s faces rotate as a means of counting down to when the portal will be created. The portal event manifests as a blue-violet disc of light expanding from the cube epicenter. The sound of thunder accompanies both the countdown and the portal itself. The portal disc seems to be capable of cleaving most any material cleanly in twain. Originally the portal would open to The Shadowfell.

*it was recently discovered that more than one cube exists. The current whereabouts of the cubes are unknown.


Origins are of the Prime plane, but no further specifics of the cube’s construction are evident. The cube must also charge between uses. Upon initial inspection, it seemed the cube could not be recharged anywhere other than the Prime. The cubes may be able to recharge when near portals to the Prime, or near each other.

Zedra Ivnaoth determined that he is able to reconfigure the cube to cross other planes.

Portal Cube

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