The Mindprism of Fastormel

Radiant Historic Crystal of the Psions

weapon (ranged)

A large crystal (roughly 12 inches high) that emits both heat and light when active. The prism has the ability to store a charge that can be weaponized, releasing a disintegration beam with pinpoint accuracy. When used, the wielder and those in close proximity to the prism take some psychic damage, but the damage dealt to the target is five times as strong. After its energy is released, the prism will take about a day to recharge. The Prism is also found to be reactive to Pale Iron. Only those with strong mastery of Arcane magic or Psionic power can hope to use the prism.

Came with its own manual, which had been encoded by Zedra Ivnaoth.

The prism was completely destroyed when Orcus was slain by R4S in The Last Stand of Fallcrest. Zedra kept a vial of the resulting crystalline dust. He also un-encoded the Prism’s manual and donated it to the Septarch’s Tower Library in Fallcrest.


The prism originated 450 years ago in Fastormel.

Fasormellians had developed psionic abilities in a portion of their population, and knew of their impending doom. The source of the psionic abilities, a Mind Prism, resides under a tower in the middle of town. A device had been built within the tower to kill the entire population and deactivate the prism just before the town fell to the evil onslaught, in order to keep the psionic power out of the wrong hands. The Fastormellians were also able to engineer a mechanism for pulling back the consciousness of future visitors to the city just before its destruction. Their purpose was to share and document their history and culture, before it was totally obliterated by the war.

Additionally, the Prism was able to imbue a flash of psionic power upon a few visitors to the Ruins, but seems to have been received incorrectly: The afflicted are able to see the future, but unfortunately are incapable of talking about their visions until they come to pass, or are prevented. There is no cure. The only known recipients of this curious malady are Suzette Elara, and Patyen Benko – now deceased.

The Mindprism of Fastormel

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