Roll for Salsa

Return with Griffy
Griffin medicine is complicated

(Warning: editing and general fleshing out needed below)

Back to Fallcrest, turns out four months have passed, no doubt due to the incorrectly conjured portal. Care for Griffy is sought, Huge gives r4s a shopping list of rare ritual components for a cure.

Selos has one component, the Revival Shroud, and will give it to R4S in exchange for clearing out Kalton Manor of bandits.

(find out thru Miri at Stonebender mining that another component, pale iron, might be found in the dawnforge mountains to the east. The third component, dryad amber, will have to be found in The Feywild – natural habitat of dryads)

Run into Barry in Fallcrest. mysterious filigree border noticed, mialee follows a new friend of barry’s, overhears several names mentioned including Dakyr, zedra’s brother.

Harkenwold has a bandit problem
Cheesemonger's paradise, indeed

(Warning: editing and general fleshing out needed below)

Answer the plea from Harkenwold, they’re short on guards and need help with a bandit problem.

kill some bandits, kyrrox sextimidates their leader and stops the fighting. stumble into shoddily conjured portal to The Shadowfell. A fight breaks out with a group of shadar-kai, who mistake R4S for an invading force from the Prime. The party finds the tribe leader riding Griffy. in the camp they find some interesting notes. Zedra is able to get to the return portal and, after R4S plus Griffy are through, seal it. Back in the Prime, it seems months have passed.

on the road back to Fallcrest, an overturned cart prompts investigation. find dead halfling cleric near a small a bandit camp, Zedra aquires a Magic Tome with a gold filigree border.

Welcome to Fallcrest
Roll for Salsa expands their territory

(Warning: editing and general fleshing out needed below)
with Famous Dave in tow, R4s go to cash in at Fallcrest. turns out, he’s not wanted, but Dwarfie is?!

stonebender murder mystery.

meet Selos, and the children of. Conry joins the party.

Early days of Roll for Salsa
Famous Dave unites us...

The paths of five lone travellers converge upon one place in the northwest of the Nentir Vale. Each of them had come across a leaflet advertising Famous Dave’s Adventurer’s Academy, but their reasons for coming to the listed location vary. (“The Famous Dave mailer” has been widely acknowledged as one of the furthest-reaching marketing campaigns in the history of the Nentir Vale)

A solitary, boarded-up cabin greets the travellers, a sign above the door proclaiming “Adventurer’s Academy” seems to mock them. The group is soon approached by a woman named Salvana Wrafton. She pleads with the strangers to follow her into town and help take care of a kobold problem. Weary and irritated about the Famous Dave bust, but in need to supplies, each of the five travellers agree. Never has a more unlikely party been seen — Mialee, a female Elf Rogue in search of her brother. Kyrrox, a young female Dragonborn Ranger with a faithful pet Griffin by her side. Patyen, a male Halfling Cleric of Elven Goddess Sehanine. Zedra, an Eladrin Wizard, aloof and gender-androgynous. Gord, a male Tiefling Warlock whose imposing build and near-silence makes everyone more than a little nervous.

The group is then officially hired by Lord Padraig of Winterhaven to root out and exterminate nearby kobold encampments. Padraig sends along a town guard named Barry to assist them. Thus begins the first job of Roll for Salsa, Adventurers for Hire. (Though they would not come to be known by that name until later.)

(Warning: editing and general fleshing out needed below)
Winterhaven: barfight, Griffy “dies”, kyrrox gets Riza, kobold camp extermination, Barry + kyrrox, meet Herman, find amulets of orcus, salvana’s missing picture, famous dave is wanted in Fallcrest, shadravax mirror – oops a dragon in town!

Zedra pulled into The Shadowfell, sees orcus & kalarel. snapped back, reports experience to rest of r4s. find incriminating Page from Kilik Padraig’s Notebook.

The keep: skeletons like Bahamut, enter Dwarfie Hammersmash, pantslessness ensues, the group defeats kalarel, close rift to shadowfell, OMG Zedra’s a dude.


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