General Information:
Astrazalian, the City of Starlight, straddles two worlds. For half the year, this brilliant, shining community rising from the forested hills clings to an emerald isle. When winter’s grasp tightens and the first frost settles across the land, the city fades and returns once more to The Feywild in a swirl of snow and mist. The Sword Guard is the heart of Astrazalian’s armed might and the reason the city has never fallen. The key to the Sword Guard’s success is its perfect marriage of magical talent with deadly fighting techniques.

This magnificent eladrin city is the showpiece of the eladrin lands. Appearing on the hillsides of a green island of the mortal realm for fully half of every year, it is the fey realm most well known to mortals.

Most of the eladrin Houses have a representative living in Astrazalian. Trade and treasure pour through the gates as mortal supplicants flood the city every summer. These resources, combined with the semiannual respites from the dangers of the Feywild, allow the eladrin within to rebuild Astrazalian at their leisure. It is one of the few eladrin cities with new towers rising alongside ancient spires. Giant white swans pull delicate boats along the docksides. The goods of many nations are sold among the brightly bannered stalls of the market. A particularly puissant magic university teaches students within the city’s walls. Eladrin wizards of Astrazalian have the broadest exposure to mortal spellcraft, trading their own lore for secrets unknown in the Feywild. This vibrant combination has given rise to truly powerful new arcane arts.

Astrazalian is ruled by Lady Shandria, an eladrin warlord. Lady Shandria is a distant niece of Queen Tiandra. As a result, the Summer Queen’s Court holds sway here. Some find it odd that a warrior has been placed in charge of Astrazalian when a diplomat would seem better suited to the task. Indeed, Lady Shandria obviously chafes at the role. Though this posting seems odd, Shandria rules here because although Astrazalian’s locale in the mortal realm is tranquil, the location it occupies when it returns to the Feywild every fall and winter is hideously dangerous.

In the Feywild, Astrazalian is within striking distance of the fomorian borderlands. All the eladrin cities closer to the fomorian territories have already fallen. Astrazalian is a fat, shining prize waiting to be plucked. The fomorians do not just covet the gold and magic items lining Astrazalian’s vaults, however. The prospect of an entire city from which to launch a conquering army against the mortal realm is intoxicating for the power-mad fomorians. The giants barely keep from jealously tearing each other apart between assaults on Astrazalian’s walls. Any mortals who return to the Feywild with Astrazalian find themselves in a constant state of siege from the moment the city fades back into existence.

Relevant notes:
• During its worldfall, Astrazalian occupies a small verdant island off the southeastern coast of Koval.

Zedra Ivnaoth of R4S and his older brother Dakyr Ivnaoth of the former Hidden Hand were born and rasied in Astrazalian.

• After studying the accounts left by Sir Righteous in New Nerath, Zedra learned that Orcus’ mind was indeed part of the Library of Astrazalian. The library’s original 100 books together form the mind of the demon prince.


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