Demon Prince Orcus

“One of the most powerful demons in the Abyss – powerful enough to threaten gods”. He is described as a “foul and corpulent humanoid creature who has powerful goat legs and a desiccated head similar to that of a ram. His great wings stir up a reeking cloud of diseased air. He seems somewhere between life and death – his sore-ridden body suggests diseased life, but his head and glowing red eyes suggest undeath. His thick, spiny tail is in constant motion.” Aside from the Demon Lord of Undeath and the Demon Prince of the Undead, he also has the title of the Blood Lord.

Recent Accounts
The town of Winterhaven stood watch over a ruined Keep that was once a bastion of good in the realm. This keep overlooks the Shadow Rift, a dark scar in the world that was once a gateway to The Shadowfell but has been dormant for many years. Kalarel, an evil cleric of Orcus, sought to re-open the gate and the only thing standing in his way was a small yet determined band of heroes. Roll For Salsa defeated the Death Priest Kalarel and successfully sealed the rift before Orcus and his demon hordes could lay waste to the Vale again.

Months later, R4S discovered evidence that a Cult has sprung up in the Vale and grows in power, no doubt seeking to bring forth Orcus again. Some suspect Selos Kalton allied with the Cult using the manpower of his new religious movement, The Children of Selos, to accomplish his goals.

During a recent accidental trip to The Shadowfell, R4S became aware of Orcus’ current whereabouts. The Plane of Shadow housed the Demon Prince’s soul, imprisoned within a storm and guarded by four Genasi brothers including Earth Genasi Ralts. R4S learned Orcus’ body was kept somewhere in the Prime plane, and his mind in The Feywild. As events unfolded for R4S in the Shadowfell, Orcus’ soul was sent to another plane. Which plane is unknown, except that it would not be the Prime nor the Feywild.

Not long after, R4S returned to the Prime. The Keep over the Shadow Rift was seeing a lot of activity, and investigation showed the CoS guards swarming in and out. Deep inside the Keep, R4S encountered a robed figure in the portal chamber used by Kalarel a year previous. The portal had been opened to the time and place in the Shadowfell R4S fought Orcus’ soul. The robed figure turned out to be Marcus Yvander and he planned to use a Portal Cube to destroy the rift gate. Despite all their best efforts, R4S could not stop the portal cube’s countdown and when it detonated, a singularity merged Orcus’ soul with his body – the Keep itself.

The Keep construct uprooted from the hillside and walked on legs of roots and stone towards the southeast. Zedra realized Orcus was moving towards the eladrin city of Astrazalian and that the demon’s mind must be held there. R4S and their allies defeated Orcus in The Last Stand of Fallcrest. The Demon Prince’s soul was bound to a brooch worn by Ralts. The body was broken apart and scattered by the survivors across the vale and beyond. The Mindprism of Fastormel, which Orcus took as a temporary mind, shattered to dust when Orcus succumbed.


Orcus’ Beginnings
Orcus was once a mighty primordial who was corrupted by the evil of the Abyss, reshaping him “into the likeness of pure destructive evil”. Long ago, the gods tried to slay Orcus while he was traveling outside the Abyss. Although the gods sent a host of angels to slay him, Orcus killed every last one of them.

Orcus is a very old demon. Like many of the most powerful demon lords who struggle for power in the Abyss, Orcus started his existence as a mortal on the Prime Plane. He was apparently a wicked spellcaster of some sort, most probably a priest to some dark deity. After his death, his soul, like the souls of all chaotic evil mortals, went to the Abyss and Orcus began his afterlife as a lowly larva.

Orcus proceeded to climb through the demonic ranks in the next several thousand years, going from larva to mane, then on to dretch, rutterkin, vrock, glabrezu, nalfeshnee, and eventually a balor. From there, he ascended to the rank of demon lord, becoming the Prince of the Undead and ruling the layer of Thanatos, the Belly of Death. Even though there are other demon lords aspiring to the title of “Prince of the Undead”, Orcus’ claim to the title has gone unchallenged for the most part. Ever hungry for more power, Orcus wanted to be recognized as “Prince of Demons”, a title held by Demogorgon and coveted also by Graz’zt. As a result, he became the arch-enemy of both demon lords.

The War of the Shadowplague
When Orcus came and cast his evil shadow on the Nerath Empire some 450 years ago, he brought with him from his home in the Shadowfell undead legions bent on destroying all life in Koval. He would have the Empire fall first, and from there stage his attack on the entire world. Had he succeeded in this, it is certain the world at large would lay in ruins at his whim.

Orcus and his dread servants, namely Kalarel and the dracolich Ro’Thax, laid siege to the capital city of Nerath, the major crossroads town of Fallcrest, and the village of Fastormel. While Fallcrest and Nerath managed to survive the attack, Fastormel fell and to this day lays in ruin. Eventually, a brave contingent of Knights managed to defeat Orcus and his followers.

Demon Prince Orcus

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