Fallcrest is a busy crossroads city located in the near-center of the Nentir Vale. Governed by Lord Markelhay, the city is host to numerous businesses and organizations. Stonebender Mining and Trade has an office in Fallcrest. Mad Hamish, purveyor of magical items, can often be found in the merchant district. The increasingly popular religious movement, The Children of Selos, led by Selos Kalton found its beginnings along the bustling streets. The mysterious group known as The Hidden Hand has a presence in Fallcrest as well.

Fallcrest was almost completely destroyed in The War of the Shadowplague some 450 years ago. It was rebuilt with the leadership of Lady Moonstone, Knight of Ioun and one of the Grand Knights of Gardmore. She oversaw the construction of Moonstone Keep as a stronghold in the center of the vale, as well as the Septarch’s tower, the first and still largest library in the Empire.

Roll For Salsa has made several visits to Fallcrest, as it is an ideal location to receive work, lodging, supplies, and information.

Fallcrest was the hometown of Loki, former Hidden Hand fighter turned R4S adventurer.

When the Demon Prince Orcus was partially restored via the Keep of Winterhaven, Fallcrest stood directly in the Construct’s path southeast. R4S decided Fallcrest would be the site of their stand against Orcus. With the help of the former Hidden Hand and a small contingent of town guards, Orcus was defeated before he reached the city wall.

During the Last Stand of Fallcrest, Selos Kalton was killed. His following now falls under the leadership of his sister Seylene. She revealed to R4S that she had been manipulating them, her brother, and many other factions across the Vale. She orchestrated the revival of The Demon Prince so that he may be destroyed, by mortal men. She aims to lead a “liberation” from the immortal powers that be, good and evil alike.


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