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Being a semi-complete almanac of diverse facts of varied uses for the adventurer on-the-go.
(WIP, need to tweak formatting)

Glossary of terms, abbreviations, and slang found in the Roll for Salsa campaign.

Topics of Interest The Known World
The Curious Malady Koval
“Your Sincerely Devoted Friend” The Kirel Desert
History of the Nerath Empire Tondriel
The War of the Shadowplague Sylvalia
Demon Prince Orcus Nrye’latt
The Knights of Gardmore Gashur
Known Factions within Koval Urendi
Roll for Salsa
The Children of Selos The Planes
The Hidden Hand The Prime
The Death Cult of Vecna The Feywild
The Merchant Guilds The Shadowfell
The Elemental Chaos

Main Page

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