Roll For Salsa

Non-natural semi-sentient mobile disaster zone of the Vale.

The Original Cast:
Mialee Woodsinger
Zedra Ivnaoth
Patyen Benko -deceased

New Additions:
Loki -deceased
Drawn Ka’Gar

Previous/Temporary Members:
Gord -one of the Original 5. Disappeared while in Tondreil
Barry Barrison
Dwarfie Hammersmash
Conry -jailed in Fallcrest

Roll for Salsa began when the paths of five lone travelers converged upon one place in the northwest of the Nentir Vale. Each of them had come across a leaflet advertising Famous Dave’s Adventurer’s Academy, but their reasons for coming to the listed location vary. (“The Famous Dave mailer” has been widely acknowledged as one of the furthest-reaching marketing campaigns in the history of the Nentir Vale)

A solitary, boarded-up cabin greeted the travelers, a sign above the door proclaiming “Adventurer’s Academy” seemed to mock them. The group was soon approached by a woman named Salvana Wrafton. She pleaded with the strangers to follow her into town and help take care of a kobold problem. Weary, but irritated about the Famous Dave bust and in need of supplies, each of the five travelers agreed. Never had a more unlikely party been seen — An elf rogue searching for the last remnant of family; a young dragonborn ranger hoping for redemption from dishonor; a halfling cleric of an elven goddess; an eladrin wizard seeking knowledge and notoriety; a tiefling warlock escaping the past.

The group was then officially hired by Lord Padraig of Winterhaven to root out and exterminate nearby kobold encampments. Padraig sent along a town guard named Barry to assist them. Thus began the first job of Roll for Salsa, Adventurers for Hire. (Though they would not come to be known by that name until later.)

After a year together, R4S fought not only evil and conspiracy across three planes: They managed to quell all disparaging rumors about their true alignments in a remarkable and heroic victory against the Demon Prince Orcus. They are celebrated heroes to most of the Vale, but may have made an enemy in The Children of Selos.

After securing the Vale’s safety from the Demon Prince, R4S venture outside the now-familiar setting of the Nentir Vale, and embark on new adventures in other parts of the world. They call themselves “King’s Contrivance” as a new chapter of their journey begins.

Roll for Salsa at Fiveleague House, planning their second trip to The Ruins of Fastormel.
clockwise from bottom left: Zedra Ivnaoth, Kyrrox and Riza, Mialee Woodsinger, Loki, Patyen Benko, and Gord.

Roll For Salsa

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