The Children of Selos

Notable members:
Selos Kalton – Leader. deceased.
Seylene Kalton – Sister of Selos. Leader after his death.
Dwarfie Hammersmash

A new and increasingly popular religious movement, based in Fallcrest, with guard units stationed across the Nentir Vale. The intentions of the group seem to be the uniting of all townships and peoples in love and brotherhood. Political figures in the area do not trust Selos and his widespread following.

Selos has quite a large amount of capital at his disposal, and it is unclear how so much wealth came to be in his control. He seems to be using his money for good: stationing guards in various towns in need, and most recently, funding both a food drive and the repair of Fallcrest’s massively damaged infrastructure in the wake of a sudden undead invasion from the west.

Kalton Manor, cleared of a bandit infestation by Roll For Salsa, is the new base of operations.

*R4S uncovered information about Selos, and by extension, his group. Selos was suspected of being in league with the Death Cult of Vecna, attempting to gain control of the Nentir Vale by drugging the population with food contaminated with threepweed oil. The drug is highly addictive and narcotic. It is known to cause hallucinations, paranoia, and general dissociation from reality. He was also very interested in obtaining the The Mindprism of Fastormel and poisoned R4S (except Zedra) in attempt to get them to confess its location.

During The Last Stand of Fallcrest, all was revealed. Selos is a descendant of Shala van Tibalt last psion of Fastormel. He took it upon himself to stop the Death Cult of Vecna and defeat Orcus using the Mind Prism. He was killed by Ro’Thax before he could fulfill his purpose. Seylene, now in control of The CoS, confessed that she had been manipulating her brother, R4S, The Hidden Hand and various other influential figures in order to bring about this end: the defeat of Orcus. She now aims to lead mortal men in an uprising of sorts against the control of Gods and Demons alike. R4S refused her offer of alliance.

The Children of Selos

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