The Death Cult of Vecna

Little is known about the membership of the cult, nor how far their influence has spread.

• The first encounter with the Cult took place just after R4S uncovered the Obsidian Crown of Ro’Thax at Gardmore Abbey. A Priestess of Vecna gained control of the crown and used it to command a horde of undead to overrun Fallcrest. There are rumors from different sources that a member of R4S was bribed for information that led to the Abbey’s fall and the slaughter of the monks therein.

• The next major signs of the Cult’s activity was found near the Harkenwold. Turnblatt farms, responsible for growing and processing copious amounts of Threep Weed, was completely manned by Vecnans. Turnblatt himself was a Priest of Vecna. R4S discovered the farm while investigating “living evil” cheese they’d fought at Fiveleague House. “Famous” Dave L’Tremain was the supplier of the cheese, but did not seem to know his product was contaminated. One of Dave’s employees, however, was a confirmed Cult member.

• It is generally believed that The Children of Selos are not part of the Cult, nor allied in any way. Selos does seem to have an interest in researching Vecna, as well as Orcus.

R4S, Ralts and Zedra specifically, were able to deduce that The Hidden Hand was actually a small satellite faction of the Vecnans, though the lower tier members did not know it. The Hidden Hand was manipulated to perform their actions under the idea that they were doing good in the Vale.

Seylene Kalton was pulling the strings of several different groups, often via notes and letters and employing a doppelganger to make her work easier. She claims her ultimate motivation was for Orcus to be destroyed – thus setting up a movement for mortals to overthrow the Gods.

Selos was ultimately a victim in his sister’s plots, and died trying to bring down Orcus during The Last Stand of Fallcrest.

The Death Cult of Vecna

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