The Feywild

The Feywild (sometimes known as the Plane of Faerie) is a verdant, wild twin of the mortal realm. Some eladrin sages claim that the Feywild is the dream of the natural world itself. The Feywild is in many ways indistinguishable from the natural world. However, like a dream, the Feywild is a dangerous, vibrant reflection of the familiar. The geography of the Feywild parallels that of the mortal realm, if loosely. Various mountains, rivers, and seas on the natural world are found on the Feywild. However, the distances between landmarks in the Feywild—and the landmarks themselves—are often distorted.

Mortals come to this perilous realm to tap into the arcane powers that course like unseen rivers of magic through the wild landscape. Some wish to negotiate secret knowledge from the eladrin; some battle fey who inflict their capricious cruelties on innocents in the mortal world. Others seek to plunder magic artifacts still buried in the wreckage of crystal cities abandoned by the eladrin during the war with the drow. The dizzying forests, storm-kissed seas, and cloud-sheathed granite peaks of the Feywild hold countless mysteries for those with both the courage and cunning to survive.

The Feywild is unique in that it is the only plane commonly reached by accident. In the wild places of the world fey crossings — points where the barrier between the Feywild and the mortal world is thin — lie sleeping in hidden glades or brood under mistwreathed hills. More than a few mortals have strayed into fey crossings on the wrong day of the year or at the wrong moment of the day only to find themselves stranded in the world of the fey. Over the centuries, the eladrin (and others) improved many naturally occurring fey crossings to create a number of reliable portals between the Feywild and the world.

The second method of travel across to the Feywild is through a worldfall. Worldfall occurs when the ebb and flow of planar energy allows a huge tract of land from one plane to shift to the other. Eladrin cities often “ride” worldfalls, suddenly appearing in the mortal world in a flash of sunlight and scattered flowers. To travel to the Feywild, all a traveler need do is enter the gates of such an eladrin city while it rests in the mortal plane and then wait within until the city returns to the Feywild. Each worldfall is different. An eladrin city may appear regular as clockwork or once a century. The city of Shinaelestra shifts into the world every midnight, replacing a glade deep in the Howling Forest, then shifts back to the Feywild just before dawn. The towers of Astrazalian remain on the hillsides of a fair green island all spring and summer, fading into the Feywild with the coming of autumn and winter.

In the early days of the Feywild, wild magic swirled through the primal forest, giving birth to countless beasts that were more an extension of nature than inhabitants of it. Some deities found the bright splendor of the place more fitting for their creations, and so fantastic variants of mortal creatures were turned loose under the eternal green shade. Few truly dumb beasts reside in the Plane of Faerie. Most creatures are gifted with some sliver of intelligence, even if nothing more than a malign cunning.

The intelligent races do their best to bend the Feywild to their will. The main rivals attempting to rule the Feywild are the eladrin in their shining cities and the fomorians in their subterranean fortresses. Other races lurk at the edges of the conflict, and the unpredictable character of the fey keeps the balance of power fluid. When dealing with politics in the Plane of Faerie, only one thing is certain: Half of what seems to be true isn’t.

The Plane of the Faere has some sort of connection to Arvandor, and it is suspected that the Dominion of Corellon can be reached by it.

Locations in The Feywild

Major Cities/Towns
Astrazalian, the City of Starlight
• Shinaelestra, the Fading City
• Mithrendain, the Autumn City

Other Noteworthy Sites
• the location of Orcus’ disembodied mind (Curiously, in all his historical research at the Library of Astrazalian, Zedra never came across any information on such a place. It was later discovered that the first 100 books in the Library of Astrazalian make up the Demon Prince’s mind.)

Fey Crossings
• The Secret Isle of Lake Nen, near Nenlast
• Astrazalian – worldfall
• Shinaelestra – worldfall

The Feywild

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