The Hidden Hand

(Now defunct)

Known Members:
Marcus Yvander – Leader. deceased. (warlord)
Loki – became a member of Roll for Salsa. deceased. (fighter)
Barry Barrison (fighter)
Dakyr Ivnaoth -older brother of Zedra (rogue)
Krystryd Firebeard (cleric)
Rhyder Woodsinger – younger brother of Mialee (ranger)
Marian Elara – deceased. (cleric)
Suzette Elara – sister of Marian. (civilian)

The Hidden Hand was a secretive organization led by Marcus Yvander. Little was known about the group, its intentions, or its alliances. Hidden Hand members were been identified by Roll For Salsa in Fallcrest and Fiveleague House. According to the small amount of information made available, The Hidden Hand seemed to be interested in the overall safety and well-being of the Nentir Vale, but did not desire the kind recognition or following Selos Kalton has cultivated. Additionally, they showed interest in R4S’ stance regarding The Children of Selos. Each member of the Hidden Hand appeared to work on his or her own individual missions, and made a strong effort to go unnoticed by the general population.

R4S observed that all Hidden Hand members wore a subtle but specific gold filigree-patterned border somewhere on their clothing.

*Newly uncovered information has revealed the Hidden Hand to be a part of the Death Cult of Vecna. The low level members had no knowledge nor suspicion of this. Marcus himself may not have truly known from whom he took orders or for what ends. Seylene Kalton came forward in the aftermath of Orcus’ defeat, admitting that she was pulling the strings of the Hidden Hand as well masterminding all the notes signed Your Sincerely Devoted Friend. Additionally, it was she who hired the Doppelganger.

The Hidden Hand

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