The Knights of Gardmore

Formed before the threat of Orcus would be known, once the Demon Prince waged his war, the Knights of Gardmore Abbey would grow in number, the Abbey Grounds themselves becoming a staging area for what would become the final assault on Orcus’ strongholds in the Nentir Vale, eventually ensuring his defeat. In the final days of the war, the Knights had grown to more than 500 in number, from all walks of life, races and religions, all dedicated to the defeat of the Demon Lord. Highest among them were the Grand Knights, Six elders who would guide the Knights in battle.

Sir Keegan (Human), Knight of Bahamut, Platinum Dragon of Justice.
Lady Moonstone (Human), Knight of Ioun, Goddess of Knowledge and Reason.
Sir GodsBlade (Dwarf), Knight of Moradin, Dwarven God of Creation and Artisans.
Sir Fortis (Human), Knight of Kord, God of Strength and Battle.
Lady Varis (Half-Elf), Knight of Pelor, Sun God of Harvest and Charity.
Sir Righteous (Human), Knight of Avandra, Goddess of Change and Fortune.

After the war was decided, the Abbey was kept, but the knights set about the duty of restoring the decimated empire to it’s former glory.

Sir Keegan was tasked with constructing the Keep over the Shadow Rift in the Cairngorn Mountains. The town of Winterhaven would spring up around the Keep some time after, and Keegan and his Knights are recorded as having protected the Rift until their deaths some 30 years later.

Lady Moonstone would go to Fallcrest, which had been utterly destroyed in the war, to rebuild, and construct Moonstone Keep, a stronghold within the centre of the vale, and the Septarch’s tower, the first and still largest library in the Empire.

Sir Godsblade went to the Dawnforge Mountains to oversee the construction and sanctification of a massive crypt to house the bodies of the fallen in battle, as well as to bless the risen dead, that they might find peace. This sprawling necropolis would eventually become the city of Hammerfast.

Lady Varis traveled to the Harken Forest to restore the farmland, and help the Elven tribes rebuild in the wake of battle. Over time the various communities of the Harkenwold would rise up and thrive for years.

Lastly, Sir Righteous traveled to the ruins of the capitol city of Nerath to rebuild the seat of power of the Empire. Within a few years the ports were rebuilt, the farms restored, and Greatwind Castle risen from the ashes, and after thirty years, the newly christened city of New Nerath, while not a seat of government in the Vale, would become a bustling hub of commerce and civilization.

Sir Fortis’ whereabouts after the war are unknown, it is presumed that he simply left the Abbey one day for unspoken reasons, as his disappearance is reported as being quite sudden, and uncommented on by the other Grand Knights.

The Knights of Gardmore

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