Your Sincerely Devoted Friend

In their travels and sundry tasks, Roll For Salsa has come across several notes that seem to be interconnected. All are concluded with the same sign-off “Your Sincerely Devoted Friend”, followed by a single initial. Each note found thus far has had a different initial as signature.

Below is a list of all notes, in the order they were found:

1. pages from the notebook of Kilik Padraig, aka Death Priest Kalarel – signed “G”

2. note to Shadar-Kai warrior R’Khell – signed “E”. Found in her encampment in The Shadowfell.

3. note to Fallcrest Chief Justice Duval Beyard – signed “F”. Justice Beyard was found at Kalton Manor being held prisoner by bandits. He was killed by the Doppelganger posing as Seylene Kalton.

4. note to Priest Turnblatt – signed “B”. Found at Turnblatt Farms near the Harkenwold.

5. letter to Thark, Head of Delvehart Mining in Hammerfast – signed “D”. Found while searching Mr. Thark’s Office.

6. note to the succubus Tatiana – signed “C”. Found while searching Tatiana after R4S captured her in Hammerfast.

7. note to Marcus Yvander – signed “A”. Found in Marcus’ satchel, in the depths of the The Keep over the Shadow Rift.

Below is a compilation of all proper names encountered by R4S that begin with each initial:

G: Gord, Grand (Peacebringer), Georges (Manbridge), (Sir) Godsblade, Gardmore (Abbey), Gloomwrought, Grumsh,

E: (Suzette) Elara, (Marian) Elara, Ethan (Security),

F: (Krystryd) Firebeard, (Sir) Fortis, Fallcrest, Fiveleague (House), Fastormel, Feywild,

B: (Patyen) Benko, Barry Barrison, (Duval) Beyard, Barton, Bahamut,

D: Dave (L’Tremaine), Duval (Beyard), Dwarfie (Hammersmash), Dakyr (Ivnaoth), Dorothea (Padraig), Delvehart (Mining), Dal Nystere,

C: Conry, Cairngorn (Mountains),

A: Alefist, A.H. (Munroe), Astrazalian, Avandra,

The letter found in the pages of Kilik’s notebook addresses him as “My Dear Kilik Padraig.” Writer offers condolence for the death of Kilik’s mother, and goes on to say “we of the clergy” must not be diverted from duty. End with encouragement in bringing Winterhaven what they deserve.

R’Khell’s note refers to her as “my friend” and begins by warning her of an impending invasion from the Nentir Vale using the eladrin tower of Dal Nystere (which houses a shadow portal.) Writer urges R’Khell to retreat to Gloomwrought or the surrounding area. A map of the Harkenwold was found with the letter. Roads are marked and Dal Nystere circled. A handwritten comment is found below, it reads “Pyotr has uncovered the ritual to open the portal. We shall attack in days. Let their rivers run red with ill spilt blood. Let them tremble before G’Threx!” (this portal is likely how R4S suddenly found themselves in the Shadowfell near the Shadar’Kai camp. G’Threx sounds like a dragon’s name, but no further evidence or mention has been found since.)

The note to Justice Beyard names The Children of Selos and “their” order of The Hidden Hand posing a threat to the Vale and trying to bring about the second coming of Orcus. A trial on which Beyard was prosecutor is discussed. The writer points out Beyard’s failure for convicting Dwarfie in the Stonebender murder and suspects the Hidden Hand “found” the evidence against the true murderer, Helmsplitter. The solution proposed is for Beyard to integrate with the local criminal element and stage an attack on Fallcrest from Kalton Manor in order to negatively sway the public’s opinion of Selos.

Priest Turnblatt’s note says “we” have found the Obsidian Crown, and goes on to say it was discovered by a band of adventurers (R4S) at Gardmore Abbey. The note also claims one of them was bribed for information. This note gives indication of ties to the Death Cult of Vecna. It also mentions friends within the Children of Selos, as well as a friend in Hammerfast (Tatiana?). *Interestingly, just before this note was discovered, R4S found out Marcus Yvander believes one of them betrayed the monks at Gardmore…

Thark’s letter begins by referring to him as “the esteemed Mr. Thark.” It first addresses his imminent awakening of the dragon Calastryx and elaborates on Thark’s honor-bound reasons for his action. It goes on to warn Thark not to trust Tatiana. R4S is mentioned as “the adventurers out of Fallcrest”, and urges Thark not to deal with them.

In Tatiana’s note, she is called “darling”. Her befriending and betrayal of Grand Peacebringer is discussed. Wandering adventurers are mentioned (R4S), and the writer cautions Tatiana not to engage them. It is also said they are “playing their part (in our plans) well.” Finally, the note instructs her to investigate Thark’s doings.

Marcus’ note gives sympathy for the “lost men” at Thunderspire Mountain, and mentions he went against the writer’s orders by imploding the mountain top. Goes on to “verify Marcus’ suspicions” about R4S being evildoers, blaming them for the Vecnans getting the Obsidian Crown, the Threepweed operation, and causing political turmoil in Hammerfast murdering 2 politicians. Writer thinks R4S is working for Selos. Lastly, Marcus is instructed to go to the Keep and use another cube to destroy the portal gate. (obviously misinformation about the cube’s true properties.)

Patterns and Speculation:

• The signature initials, thus far, include every letter of the alphabet thru “G”.

• This also happens to be all non-accidental musical notes.

• Anagram?

• all written by the Doppelganger?

• Are we unwittingly in the middle of a God war?

Your Sincerely Devoted Friend

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