Roll for Salsa

Lab of Wonders
strange and dangerous

King’s Contrivance enters the lab complex and complete darkness threatens to swallow them without a trace. Zedra illuminates his Sunblade to pierce the black and casts light on Ralts’ sword to supplement the light. Kyrrox uses her bio-luminescent fungus to light her own way. The party finds themselves in a lobby of sorts. Yellowed papers are scattered about, written in a long-dead version of Common. A hall stretches out to either side, and the party begins their exploration. A low grinding noise echoes in the corridor. A locked door proves no match for Mialee, and soon KC gather inside what appears to be a small lab room occupied by a large mechanical arm and a tube device. Kyrrox approaches the arm boldly and inspects it, prodding irreverently. The arm moves to grab the dragonborn in its robotic claw and holds her tightly. She wriggles in a futile attempt to free herself.

Mialee hurries over to inspect the tube device for any sign of controls. The device emits a faint orange glow now, and a soft whine begins. Drawn and Ralts move to the elbow joint of the arm, looking for weakness. Zedra makes some notes on the situation and the room’s contents with cold disregard for Kyrrox’ well-being. The tube device continues to whine, louder now. The orange glow intensifies and Mialee works feverishly to disarm the inner workings of what can only be a weapon of some kind. Drawn lands a mighty swing of his axe on the joint of the arm, but fails to separate it. Kyrrox asks to be left, wishing to experience whatever the tube device does. Zed smugly stands back and continues to write, stopping only to encourage the others to leave Kyrrox.

The orange glow erupts from the tube, striking Kyrrox squarely in the head. She sustains some damage, as well as another effect she cannot identify. As the beam continues to fire, Mialee works to stop the device while Ralts and Drawn hack at the elbow joint of the arm. Mialee’s success is immediately followed by Drawn’s. Kyrrox, however, stays where she was, a few inches off the ground. The claw and arm adding a slight rotation to her hover. Zedra takes notes, then ivestigates any arcane power at work. He deduces Kyrrox has been rendered massless. He nudges her with his sword, sending the dragonborn floating backward, settling to the ground due to the weight of the claw. Kyrrox is finally able to free herself from the claw’s grasp and revels in her newfound floating state.

The party exits the room and continues down the hall. A curious croaking sound approaches and soon the party comes across a duck. Kyrrox attempts the feed the creature some crumbs of bread while Zed discerns that, no, the bird is not magical. Mialee’s knowledge of nature gives her no useful information, except that the duck “seems wrong” despite it looking normal. Ralts expresses his desire to smash the duck. Kyrrox seems to develop a friendly rapport with the bird, the rest of the party continues down the hall.

The rumbling sound draws near and its source, a metal construct on treads, approaches the group. It begins speaking. At one point, Zed and Mialee recognize the word “Elven” spoken in their native language. Kyrrox catches “Draconic” and Drawn hears “Orcish” each in the language respectively named. At the sound of “Primordial” spoken in his native tongue, Ralts answers. The robot welcomes the visitors, in Primordial, to the laboratory of Ingvar Heresay, and asks for passes of entry. Ralts grabs the duck nearby and hands it to the robot. The duck promptly explodes. Ralts is knocked to the floor. Weightless Kyrrox, previously feeding said duck, is sent careening back by the blast. Drawn reaches out trying to catch her, but misses as she flies past. Kyrrox very nearly dies upon impacting the far wall. The robot does not seem to be affected by the explosion.

Kyrrox rights herself and decides to drink a potion of levitation. She finds herself on the ceiling, as though gravity has reversed. Meanwhile, Zedra approaches Ralts, asking what has been said. The robot, hearing Common being spoken, repeats its request for a pass in Common. Zedra shrugs and shows the pyramidal key. It is declared unacceptable. He shows one of the cobalt discs, which the robot does not seem to recognize at all. The metal hulk then declares the party hostiles.

Kyrrox rounds the corner of the hall ceiling. Zed backs up and casts an Acid Mire under the robot while Ralts engages it. Drawn enters a rage and joins Ralts in fighting the robot. The robot swings, hitting both genasi and half-orc, then blows jets of poison onto the both of them. Mialee, hidden around the corner, takes some shots before the front line decide this security robot will defeat them. Ralts and Drawn turn and retreat.

A large heap of rubble blocks the hallway around the corner. Kyrrox is able to get to the other side since she can crawl along the ceiling. She drops her climbing gear for the rest of KC before getting to safety. Zedra attempts to climb but lacks the upper body strength, so he opts to cast an arcane gate on the wall, feystep to the other side of the rubble, and cast the other gate. Mialee crosses through the gate, with Ralts and Drawn coming up behind her. Drawn expresses his mistrust of magic and refuses to use the gate. Ralts leaves the half-orc with the climbing gear and passes through the gate. Drawn climbs the rubble with little difficulty and returns the gear to Kyrrox. Zedra dismisses the arcane gates behind them.

Mialee picks the lock of a nearby door only to find more ducks and a hallway with stairs leading down. Kyrrox’s potion of levitation begins to wear off and she finds herself in mid-air having to push off the walls to move. Further down the hall, another heavy door blocks their way. Mialee negotiates the lock easily and swings the door open. A small records room, already bathed in the light of a torch, is being ransacked by four half-orcs. They demand to know what the intruders are doing in the complex, until a flash of recognition gives them pause. Upon seeing Drawn Ka’Gar, the half-orcs let out screams of “traitor!”

Ralts, in a smashy mood, wastes no opportunity and goes in swinging. His bravery inspires the rest of the party, who join in with a barrage of surprise hits. All four half-orcs are knocked on their asses. Drawn comes to Ralts’ side and Kyr floats along a bookshelf. Drawn lays out a vicious arc with his axes, hitting ally and enemy with his uncontrolled power. Wizard and rogue enter last, quiet and deadly. Mialee shuts and locks the door behind her, worried the robot will find them by their light.

One of the half-orcs tries to escape slaughter, but is denied. When all four are slain, KC catches their breath and get a feel for their surroundings. One of the dead half-orcs possessed a scrap of leather with what appeared to be an entrance pass inscribed on it.

Keymasters of the Lab

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Marked by a Lone Tree

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A Minor Roadblock
and some differences of opinion

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The Lost World
Missing links and new clues

Kyrrox reports having strange dreams as the party breaks camp and gets underway. A few hours pass before the silence is broken by a rumbling sound. As the sound grows, KC realize a stampede is headed in their direction. The party halts behind a rocky snowbank. A herd of large herbivorous beasts thunders past the party, chased by a giant bipedal dinosaur. Several flying reptiles follow close behind. KC notice the Gigantosaur and the Pterosaurs bear riders, lizardmen of some sort, unlike any they’d ever seen.

Kyrrox sees her opportunity and unhitches Griffy. She flies up and attempts a leap onto the Gigantosaur, but falls. Griffy is able to swoop down to catch her. Pterosaurs and riders pursue her while the rest of the party flees into the wooded area nearby. Mialee guides her riding horse close to Zed, who grabs Mialee’s extended hand and hoists himself up. She turns north and hide amongst the underbursh. Drawn Ka’Gar and Ralts take control of the party cart and drive the horses away from the direction Mialee headed and find a boulder to obscure the carriage. Drawn dismounts and positions himeself behind a large tree nearby.

The Gigantosaur and one of the pterosaurs turn away from Kyrrox’s antics to investigate the noise from the woods. The riders seems to control their beast mounts somehow. The remaining pterosaurs and their riders continue to follow Kyrrox and Griffy. The pterosaur spots Ralts and swoops down. Ralts leaps up and knocks the rider from his flying mount. Drawn runs in to aid Ralts in dealing with the fallen lizardman. Meanwhile, Kyrrox executes a flying clothesline, knocking two riders from their pterosaurs.

Drawn and Ralts attack the grounded lizardman and soon enough Kyrrox and Griffy join them, having freed themselves from pursuit. Once the lizardman is bloody and well beaten, Zedra approaches wishing to extract information from the creature. Before so much as a question can be asked, six arrows hit the lizardman and kill him. He topples to the ground while KC look around in surprise.

Zed searches the body but finds nothing of interest. The faint smell of poppies, faint but noticeable, taints the air as KC turn to seek out the source of the arrows. In short order the party starts to feel drowsy and disoriented. Ralts shakes off the effect and Kyrrox takes a potion of sobriety.

Twelve apelike men approach. They do not respond to any language KC know, and do not speak. Zedra tries to assert his power by using prestidigitation, but he apemen are not impressed with any of his tricks. They instead concentrate their attention on the dead lizardman. They skin it and proceed to do some other preparations to the corpse. The Lizardman sits upright.

Kyrrox is infuriated at this disrespect for death. Zedra, fascinated, recognizes a crude form of the Raise Dead ritual. The Apemen seem to want to communicate with, or interrogate, the reanimate lizardman. Zed observes with rapt attention. The lizardman grunts and hisses a bit, and after a few unfruitful minutes, the apemen release the corpse.

As the apemen finish their ritual, a large quadrupedal creature lumbers toward the group. It is not hostile and stands still as one of the apemen approaches and gestures at it. A panel drops open and more apemen exit the beast’s underbelly. The beast is hollow inside and upon closer inspection, KC realize it too is reanimated dead. Zed shows the apemen the Ingvar Heresay symbol on one of his books. The apemen become very excited and friendly. Though even after he attempts a Comprehend Language ritual, Zed can only understand the apemen – not communicate with them. They beckon towards the undead tanklike beast. He relays that the apemen want KC’s help in fighting the lizardmen. The party agrees to travel with them and Zedra, Ralts, Mialee, and Drawn enter the tankbeast. Kyrrox refuses to ride inside the abomination and follows behind on Griffy, guiding the horses and carriages.

Now Entering Scenic Urendi!
Home to Blizzards and Lizards

King’s Contrivance travel through southern Tondriel to the vast unexplored country of Urendi in search of the Mad Wizard Ingvar Heresay’s laboratory. As if welcoming the party to the barren wasteland, a blizzard begins to threaten the sky’s harsh blue. KC decide to press onward into the storm, making their way to a rocky outcropping in the distance rather than turn back and wait out the weather in the woods they’d past.

Several hours of trudging through biting winds and pummeling snow leave KC wondering about their decision to seek refuge at the rock formation. Zedra and Ralts begin to show signs of hypothermia. Once at the rock face, it is not long before the party locates a cave and eagerly huddle inside, positioning their carriages at the entrance to block the howling wind. The horses cower between the carriages and the cave entrance. A modest fire is built and Zedra places an Arcane Gate to vent the smoke out of the cave. KC gladly rest while the storm rages outside their rocky shelter.

In the early light, the party awakens to the nervous shuffling of the horses. Kyrrox peeks between Carriages and spots some curious large bipedal reptiles have taken interest in their camp. The party scrambles to snuff out the fire and Zed closes the Arcane Gates. under their breath, the group discusses how to get the creatures to leave. It is decided Zed will use prestigitation to give the illusion one the of the dinosaurs smells (and tastes) like food to the others. The ruse works and two of the creatures attack the third and kill it. Once they’d eaten their fill and without the smoke vent piquing their interest, the two dinosaurs wander off. Kyrrox keeps the dinosaur’s skull.

The party takes the opportunity afforded them to fortify their position with snow walls around their carriages before resting another day in wait for the storm to pass.

The blizzard gives way to a brilliant clear blue sky. KC pack up and depart, eager to be on the move again. As they make their way south, a pack of semi-aquatic lizard creatures alerts them to the possibility of an iced over body of water nearby. Even with Mialee’s keen sense of nature, the party manages to find an iced over river by accidentally walking out into the middle of it. Mialee and her nimble riding horse are able to reach the shore with no problem. Kyrrox atop Griffy are of course able to negotiate the terrain. Zedra attempts to gently lead one of the draft horses across, but the ice continues to crack beneath them. Meanwhile, with Griffy’s winged might, Kyrrox is able to save her personal carriage. One draft horse is lost to the icy depths, but by feeding the other a potion of levitation, Mialee is able to coax the frightened beast to across. Zedra secures rope to the group carriage as it begins to sink between the broken ice sheets and the group and their beasts are able to haul the carriage to shore.

The loss of one horse means the magic bridled horse must help pull a carriage. The party keeps moving in order to stave off cold as much as to make up for the lost time. Late in the evening, KC come across an enormous carcass in the middle of the plains. As the sun’s scant warmth quickly fades, the party decide to camp inside the frozen body for protection. Inside, Zed is startled to find the symbol of Ingvar Heresay inside the body, and deduces the beast was reanimated at some point. Kyrrox, as a servant of the Raven Queen, opposes necromancy in all forms and sleeps in her carriage. Sleep does not come easy or peacefully to Kyrrox that night.

Expeditionary Plans
The frozen wasteland awaits

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Castle Crashers
of the half-orc variety

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half-orc bugaloo

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Castle Whedon
and Lord Joss

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