Dragonborn Beastmaster Ranger Warlord


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Early Life

Kyrrox was hatched and grew up under the watchful, aristocratic eye of her tight-knit family in the war-torn city that is Lo’vanthor. Its once shining beacons of art, culture, and innovation now stand as hollow reminders of what once was. Her family was lucky enough to have earned wealth as her father, Sox, was a revered war hero in the Great Tiefling Massacre. He, however, lost himself to greed and began to fall in with the seedier elements that remained in their lawless hometown. Instead of using his noble stature as a point of honor, he found it handy as leverage and began to work with the criminal element in town to extort its civilians. Her mother, Tyrnox, had been a sculptor in a previous life but abandoned that pursuit for maintaining her homestead once the war was in full swing. She had created many glorious monuments that had been displayed in town but to see them destroyed by war was too much for her to bare. Now hopelessly jaded, she has merely stood by as her companion has sullied his honor time and again in pursuit of gold. Her only refuge has been to keep a pristine homestead, which she does with near obscene vigor.


This paternal malfeasance afforded her family with a level of comfort, however. It was not long before Kyrrox heard legends of the mighty honor that was her father’s valor in combat and began ranger training herself, the family seeking out the finest tutors for her with vast supplies of capital at their disposal. The sigil of the “-ox” family is the Griffin (no, not an ox), so their first major purchase was a beautiful symbol of their strength in a family pet, which a young Kyrrox named “Griffy” in a youthful bout of unoriginality.

Family Life

father was as absent as her mother was overly protective. This made Kyrrox throw herself into her studies as well as revere her father with an amount of disdain. On her twelfth birthday, a “work companion” of her father’s appeared at her party. She recognized the Kobold bastard from wanted posters in town and threw a fit, retreating to her room. All at once, she realized the farce that was her station in life. Dragonborn honor, she reasoned, was not something to be flaunted for profit, but to be earned, revered, and respected. But what did this new development make of her own honor? It had been handed to her on a platter of silver-gilded disgrace. Looking around, her friends, companions, schoolmates, all took on the same tinge of honorlessness, as she uncovered that Sox had his filthy little claws in all aspects of the town’s criminality. The entire town was a pile of dung coated with gold. She had been lucky enough to live on the golden bits, but couldn’t stand to see this place or its people ever again.


She knew that she had her feet for traveling, a lifelong companion in Griffy, and a handful of possessions, so she took to the road.

Her first night away, she tied up Griffy and stumbled into an Inn. The room was full of humans from town. They knew her (who didn’t?) as the daughter of the crimelord who constantly harassed the townsfolk, and she was ostracized. This did not deter her exodus into the cold unforgiving “real world” however, as she redoubled her efforts as she and Griffy set out for the next town. And the next one. And the next one. Until she found herself, having been all too accustomed to the name calling and rumors people spread about her, in an inn, where, finally, nobody knew her name.

Finally being able to relax, she remembered who she was in that moment. She was a ranger. She roamed the fringes with her wits and her skill as her allies and a fiercely loyal griffin as her companion. That is exactly what she was doing right now. This is exactly what she should be doing right now.

Re-heartened by this revelation, she realized the same logic that lead her to leave her parents meant that her own honor is something that can be built and respected and can remain virtuous in spite of her shameful family. She drank her last swig of ale for the night before retreating into her lodging and saw a leaflet stuck to the bottom of her glass.

It went on and on, ranting and raving about being able to teach adventurers’s classes to pupils, and she tucked it into a pocket for the night.

She awoke the next morning and retrieved this shred of paper from her pocket, only to find that all that remained was the location of a cabin and the name “Dave”. Mistakenly thinking she had drunkenly had a one night stand and unknowingly lost her young dragonborn purity, she set out for the cabin to reconnect with whoever this person was.

Roll for Salsa, and major turning points

  • In a Kobold invasion of Winterhaven during The Keep on the Shadowfell, Griffy’s stable was overrun and he was thought dead
  • Shortly after, a messenger hawk from Sox and Tyrnox arrived with a message to return home at once. This hawk, Riza, became Kyrrox’s new beast companion and has aided in her journey ever since
  • Kyrrox swore vengeance against Kobolds in that moment, painting her face with the blood of her friend, and vowing to slaughter every honorless Kobold she encounters
  • Griffy, as it turns out, is not dead at all. He was discovered during The Bandits of the Harkenwold, after a journey to the Harkenwold ended with a portal being opened into the Shadowfell. there, R4S encountered a group that had captured Griffy. He had aged considerably and seemed very ill. R4S is currently on a quest to gather the three components that will hopefully cure Griffy of his ailments
  • A Warforged named Huge who works at a magic shop the party frequents knows of Kyrrox’s family and reputation. She seems to have convinced him that she is not to be feared or distrusted as they are.
  • Kyrrox throughout the age of 12 has been flirtatious to a fault. In a recent encounter with bandits during The Bandits of the Harkenwold, however, she realized the full power of her sexuality when she completely stopped all combat by walking up to the leader, grabbing his manparts, and whispering “you’re too pretty to die, baby. Come with me if you want to live”. After much fleeing on the bandits part (and much retching on R4S’ part), Kyrrox has come to an astounding realization now that she is in her 13th year: with sex comes power. She retrained in intimidation, which we all know is the source of Drangonborn’s sexiness, and now wields her libido like an expertly sharpened rapier, rather than with all the accuracy of a cluster-shot cannonball.
  • A recent encounter with gnomes in The Forests of the Feywild has unsettled Kyrrox to no end. She escaped with her wits, but only by vowing to exterminate every gnome she encounters, taking one’s head and fashioning it to her belt with the word “Scourge” carved into its forehead (upside-down so she can read it and be reminded)
  • This has yet to cause major problems with Kyrrox and Herman (a worker at Mad Hamish’s magic shop who is a gnome himself). Kyrrox successfully bluffed Herman into explaining the head away as an omen they found along their journey of the impending danger they face. She still keeps it close to her, but covers it with cloth when she realized it might cause discord
  • She may or may not be planning to kill Herman as a result of this vow.
  • Deciding she wants to redouble her efforts to become the revered warrior leader she knows she was born to be, she has decided to dual-class as a Warlord. This gives her the power to rally her allies behind her strong leadership skills. While these skills are still fledgling, her tenacity is very much not.
  • With the return of Griffy, she has now fulfilled her destiny of restoring honor to her name, and proudly rides atop the mascot of her shamed upbringing.

Kyrrox in heat
Kyrrox, maddened by Sextimidation™

Hiatus, Shadowfell, The Shadar-kai, and The Future

After the Last Stand of Fallcrest, the group decided to take a break and rejoin at Fiveleague house. Kyrrox decided to go to Sigil to satisfy her childish curiosity about the place, and maybe to do some more Zero-G acrobatics on Griffy. Not realizing how difficult it is to actually return to this place, she hired a less-than-scrupulous sorcerer who promised her easy passage in exchange for all of her gold. She obliged, but woke up to find herself and Griffy in the Shadowfell.

She rejoined the group a changed woman. 5 years have passed for her, versus a month on the Prime Plane, and living among the strange culture of the Shadar-Kai have molded her like a stone in the flowing river of bleak existence that is life in the Shadowfell.

Her personality is drastically different, more mature, and devoutly religious to the Raven Queen, the unaligned goddess of death and fate — and personal enemy of Orcus. Kyrrox seeks to appease her now vowing to keep an eye on the group to make sure that no fate-altering occurances happen (Shala being allowed to live for example), to keep an eye on the sheer number of casualties the group seems to produce, and to make sure that potential encounters with Orcus end favorably.


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