The Curious Malady

Both Suzette Elara and Patyen Benko seem to have been struck with a rather curious linguistic malady, apparently starting only after each of them had separately visited The Ruins of Fastormel. Here is what we can tell having interacted with each of them separately, as well as seeing them interact with each other.


  • Patyen accompanied the rest of R4S to investigate the ruins and found, as they had expected, ruins, but also, a giant tower that looked rather un-ruined. Inside, the group found a mechanism that needed to be activated by each of the members separately. When a beam of light hit a platform in the center, Riza held Patyen’s mechanism in place while he stepped forward to investigate. This was the beginning of his affliction.
  • Though Suzette shares a similar story in that she visited the ruins, saw a tower, entered it, and activated a mechanism, she has a slightly different story. She came alone, saw a mechanism that could be activated by herself, and saw a different tower interior Patyen knows this, as only he can communicate with her.

Symptoms and presentation

Suzette and Patyen seem to share symptoms, though have differing degrees of magnitude

  • Suzette
    • At all times, speaks in a manner consistent with somebody who has developed Receptive Aphasia
    • When communicating with Patyen (and therefore presumably, anyone else with the affliction) can be completely understood by him except for descriptions of what happened to her inside the tower. To the outside observer, both are speaking gibberish.
    • Becomes overly excited at the mention of a few key triggers
  • Patyen
    • Speaks in a manner consistent with somebody who has developed Receptive Aphasia but only when attempting to describe what happened to him in the tower, or his affliction itself
    • When communicating with Suzette, both can speak freely and fluently and be completely understood by each other, except that neither can communicate to each other what happened to them inside the tower or the limits of affects of the affliction itself.
    • Becomes overly excited at the mention of a few key triggers
    • Became so overly excited at the sight of Selos upon their return from the tower that he completely snapped, shouting nothing but gibberish, and made an attempt on Selos’ life. This landed the group in some hot water and landed Patyen an all expenses paid vacation inside the Bag of Holding for a few days to calm down.

*It would appear the afflicted can discuss things they have seen while inside the beam of light, but it comes out as nonsense. This seems to have been explained recently as part of a prophecy-seeing device inside the tower. The light, it seems, shows events to come for the seer, but the seer is unable to describe them to others. If the seer attempts to describe all the prophesied events they saw, everything will be gibberish except for events that have already happened. This was displayed by Patyen who said something to the effect of " Well, I saw [gibberish] and then I saw Valthrun wearing the crown of Ro’Thax… and then I saw [gibberish]. "

Treatments, Remedies, and Cures

None known.

The curious malady seems to have been cured following the complete and utter destruction of The Mindprism of Fastormel during the Last Stand of Fallcrest. Suzette Elara, the only living person known to be afflicted, can now speak normally.

Disease prevention

Don’t go into the tower. Or, if you do, don’t activate the mechanism. Or, if you do, don’t step into the light.

The Curious Malady

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